Saturday, October 29, 2016

Lauderdale County AL Sample Ballot,...

Here is the Lauderdale County sample ballot you will see a week from Tuesday. Remember,... voting is a privilege that we have in our country. Imagine not being able to vote and have a say in your local, state and national elections.
You can enlarge the picture by clicking on it,....

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  1. There are 14 proposed amendments on our ballots as well.

    Thought I'd share the PDF provided by the Fair Ballot Commission, it lists each amendment followed by a conversational English summary.

    I particularly like to use this one because it explains what a majority yes vote would mean, as well as what a majority no vote would mean.

    It does not give recommendations on how we should vote either lol

    Voters are free to print this, make notes and take it with them to the polls. Or they can make a list of how they wish to vote on these & take that. As long as we don't write a candidate's name on it we can take it in lol