Saturday, October 1, 2016

Off Grid Supplies,... New Store!!

Do you like to be prepared? For say, weather issues? Or maybe you are thinking of being self reliant. Then Off Grid is your store. A brand new retail store on Wilson Dam Road beside Southern BBQ they have items for medical emergencies, books to help you learn how to become more self reliant and both Bob and Crystal have the knowledge of the products they sell.

They will be offering the Humless solar generators that can operate a campsite and even a house. Want to get into bee keeping? Crystal and Bob are the ones to talk to. They have everything you need to get started. Crystal even has her honey for sale, which by the way has won a blue ribbon two years running at the North Alabama State Fair.

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Here are some photos just to show you some of the things they carry. Photos by the way don't do the store justice. Go by and check it out for yourself.

Canning supplies,....

Grow your own herbs,....

Get started bee keeping and buy some local honey while you're there.

Long guns and cross bows for you hunting enthusiasts. And for those thinking of self defense.

 Did I mention handguns? No?,... Well,.. they have those too.

Want to get into having your own eggs? They have you fixed up for that as well. Everything you would want to get started. Right down to the chicken house.

This is a medical supply bag. Everything in this display comes in the bag located in the bottom right hand corner. This was most impressive. 

Do you hike or jog? How about pepper spray attached to a glove?

Go by and visit Bob and Crystal at 1698 S. Wilson Dam Rd in Muscle Shoals Alabama or call 256.978.5354.

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