Thursday, October 13, 2016

Some Things Florence SHOULD Do,...

We proudly state on business cards and the logo that we are licensed and insured. Meaning, we are licensed in the city we are working in and we have insurance to protect you the customer and ourselves. There are many painting contractors in the Quad City area that DO NOT have a license or are insured. The only time we have ever been checked for a license has been while working in Tuscumbia. I would like to see all four of the cities check up on who is doing business in their city. To me, it just isn't fair to those of us that try to do things the correct way. Florence needs to hire one or two individuals to just randomly go and check on new construction sites and existing neighborhoods and check on the contractors to MAKE SURE they are operating with a license.

To help off set some of the cost of hiring someone to police the contractors,.. hire the guy that drives the sweeper truck that does absolutely no good what so ever as far as cleaning the streets. About the only thing that sweeper truck does is make out door dogs bark. It serves no good purpose. Give that guy a real job that can be useful and beneficial to the city.

I don't know the man's name at Hometown Grocery that sweeps the parking lot but he does a better job than that truck using a dust pan and broom.

Come on Florence and the rest of the Quad Cities. Step up and make these contractors pay up. I can guarantee you that no store that opens up will operate without one,... so why let contractors do so? It is the same thing.

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