Friday, November 4, 2016

Alabama vs LSU,.... Saturday Nights Alright For Fighting,...

This is LSU 2.0. The Tigers have found new life since replacing Les Miles with probably the best interim coach in college football in Ed Orgeron.

Ole Ed has them fired up and playing well. I think early on, Coach Miles saw the writing on the wall and just got to where he wasn't applying his coaching talents anymore. He knew he couldn't save his job. But,... he had the talent on the field to produce a fine team this year. I think they could have won the West given they beat Alabama. And they still aren't out of the picture but it is an uphill battle for the striped kitties from the Bayou.

This game will not disappoint the college football fan. There will be some offense, a whole lot of defense and good special team play as well. This will be as good a team as the Tide has faced to date and possibly the best team they will see all season. They run the ball well which will test Bama's run D and they are beginning to pass well. They can create mismatches in the passing game which in times past, has given Bama fits.

Like I've said many times, the game is won in the trenches. And that holds true in any football game. Bama's O line will have to play a full 60 minutes this week and play their best game of the season to win. The D line for Bama will have to step up as well. This has been probably the strong point of the team thus far and it will continue Saturday.

Stopping the run, quarterback hurries and containing their receivers will be vital if Bama wins at night in Tiger Stadium. Right now, the only team that can stop Bama is Bama. They will roll to a 24-17 win Saturday night. Roll Tide and pass the nerve pills.

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