Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving,... Some Things I'm Thankful For,...

I got to thinking about what I'm thankful for earlier in the week. There are so many things and not sure I have space to name them all.

Family and friends are probably tops on the list. Friends includes a wide variety of instances. There are personal friends, customer friends and acquaintances on Facebook. All of these play an important role in my daily life. So yes I am thankful for all of you.

Facebook,.. Yeah I'm thankful for this as it has helped make friends and to get reacquainted with friends from days gone by. It has also helped with the business so so much. For that I'm truly grateful.

On a side note, I am thankful I'm not an Auburn fan. But,... I'm thankful for the many Auburn fans that I know. Especially the ones that can take my sometimes off the wall warped humor about those Tigers on the Plains and not get too upset and even can dish it back out. Thanks for making that part of football fun.

For the people who are close to me,... thank you for being you, for being there when I need you and hope I'm there for all of you as well. Whether it be in person, on the phone or even the thing we call text messaging,... it's always good to keep in touch.

After falling Monday and injuring my shoulder to the point I couldn't work this week,.. it reminded me that I need to be thankful for my health. And I am,....

Have a great Thanksgiving Day and hope you get to spend it with loved ones.

Oh I almost forgot,... I am thankful for everyone that reads OBsCorner,... Thank you. And Roll Tide!!

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