Monday, November 7, 2016

Let Us Pray,....

I think this presidential election has really taken it's toll on the American public. If you're on Facebook,... you have seen basically, lie after lie from both parties. Neither candidate is worthy of my vote and the old saying "I'm voting for the lesser of two evils" is almost a non win for the American voter in 2016. But,... choose we must. I have two main concerns that will determine my personal choice. They are the Supreme Court and the Second Amendment. These are very important to me and for those reasons I have to vote Trump. Hopefully he will surround his self with people that have the knowledge to lead us and do the right things to truly make our nation great again.

Pray with me,.... Lord we humbly come before your presence asking for guidance tomorrow as we make important decisions for our nation. Lord we ask that the right candidate will win and will have the best interest of the country at heart when they make decisions concerning, we the people. Thank you Lord for the privilege of prayer and being able to come before you. In Jesus name,.... Amen.  

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