Friday, December 2, 2016

2016 SEC Championship Game,....

The 25th SEC Championship Game will feature the two teams that played in the first one. Back in that one a number 2 ranked Alabama team beat a number 12 ranked Florida team 28-21. This will be the twelfth time Florida has made the trip and the eleventh time Bama has gone to the big show.

The play from the SEC East this year has been mediocre at best. As of late, Vandy looked like the best in the East. Yes,... Vandy. Mediocre kind of sums up the play from the Gators as well. Plagued with injuries, Florida has had to call on their youth to step up this year and they have done an okay job. Thus the term, mediocre. It seemed at times this season that no one wanted to win the East. Florida, by beating LSU, won the East and plays for another chance at a SEC title.

Can they win? Sure they can. As any fan of any SEC team or college team in general, you know that any team can win on any given Saturday. Will they win? I wouldn't bet on it. This Florida team is ranked 120th or so on offense and the Bama defense is ranked near the top. Yes I'm a Bama homer, but facts are facts. If you have watched this Bama defense then you know it will be tough for Florida to score. But there again, anything can happen. I doubt it does. Bama wins 42-6. Roll Tide!!

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