Thursday, December 29, 2016

Alabama vs Washington,....

Technically I guess this is a bowl game. But since the playoff system has been in place,... the 2 bowls that feature the top four teams to make the playoff in my opinion is just what it says it is, a playoff game. Win and you advance,... lose and you go home.

For Alabama fans,... don't expect the same beat down in this game as last years Michigan St game. Washington is a better team than MSU was last year. While both teams feature their quarterback MSU just couldn't do anything with the Bama defensive line. In order to win against the Huskies,... Bama will have to win the line play against the Washington offensive line. This will be Bama's toughest test to date. I know I keep harping on the line play and winning the game in the trenches but that is where the game is won or lost. Without good, consistent line play your offense cannot run the ball effectively or have time to throw.

I do think Bama's D line is the best in college football and maybe the best that Bama has ever had. That is saying a lot.  Bama will shut down their running game I'm fairly sure but Washington throws the ball really well. Couple that with a strong defense,... maybe the best that Bama has faced, and you have the makings of a classic, if not an upset. Bama is favored by two touchdowns but I believe it will be closer than that. Washington likes those trickeration  plays but Bama has been known to pull the proverbial rabbit out of the hat too at times.

It seems as if it has been months since the last game and Saturday at 2pm cannot get here quick enough.
Hopefully Alabama can keep Lane for one more game. The Tide squeaks out a win,... 28-24. Roll Tide!!

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