Sunday, December 4, 2016

Penn State Got No Respect,....

First, congrats to this years teams that made the playoff. But sadly, one is not like the others. Ohio St did not win their conference. The team that did win the Big 10 was Penn St. They got left off  because the committee apparently felt OSU was the better team. I don't get it. Penn St beat the Buckeyes during the season and won the title game. I don't know what else they had to do other than going undefeated. Penn St got shunned in my humble opinion and OSU should not be in the playoffs. The very reason we have these playoffs is because the college football world cried foul when Alabama ended up #2 and got a rematch with LSU in 2011. The committee wanted conference champions in the top 4. The committee has failed college football and its fans. Urban Meyer the head honcho at OSU was even quoted as saying,

I bet he won't remember saying that now. 

Look for more teams to be added to the playoff schedule coming soon. I'm not opposed to that per se but I think the reasoning behind it kind of stinks. It is almost as bad as Tennessee's "Champions of Life". Roll Tide Roll!!

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