Friday, December 30, 2016

Sears Closing In Florence AL?!?!?,....

Yesterday I read a list of Sears stores and holdings (KMart) that were on the chopping block. The first thing I looked for was the stores in our area first. They looked safe. This is the list I looked at,... LIST.

Then last night I chatted with a couple of people about Sears closing. I presented the list I had read earlier in the day and one of the gentlemen stated that there is a list that hasn't been released yet and corporate came in Tuesday and told the local store here in the mall that liquidation would begin next week. Sears lease is also up with the mall so that would play into the decision to go ahead and close too. I'm guessing there will be an announcement soon as this will leave a huge void in the already deteriorating retail business in the mall. If this proves to be true, my thoughts and prayers go out to the employees of Sears. Hopefully this won't start a domino effect with other stores closing/leaving the mall but the owners of the mall seem to not care about the shopping experience at Florence Mall.  


  1. I agree the mall owners do not make wise decisions regarding the mall. I sure hope something replaces it fast.

  2. Yes they are closing. Liquidation starts the 19th. Store will be closed by April. Auto Center will close the end of the month. Announcement from Sears Holding corp will be out later this week or next week.