Friday, January 6, 2017

Clemson vs Alabama 2017,... Rematch? Nope!!,...

This one is for all the proverbial marbles. The college football national champions will either be the Clemson Tigers or the Alabama Crimson Tide. The same two programs that played last year. Because of that, many in the sports media world and fans too are calling this a rematch. Foe me personally and anyone that halfway understands the "Process", this is simply, the next game.

Now that isn't a slight on the importance of this game, it is just another step in the process in becoming champions. Something that Coach Saban promised when he was hired at Alabama,.... to make the boys playing, champions.

This game will feature a slew of NFL talent from both sides. I do think this is a better team from Clemson than last year. They have weapons on offense and a solid "D" that will present problems for Alabama especially with Bama having a different offensive coordinator. I do think, even after hearing and reading all I can about the change, that it will have an effect on Jalen and the entire offense. I do think it will be a positive one. If Bama plays like they did against Washington when they have the ball,... it is over. I have always believed defense wins championships, but Bama's offense has got to find a way to score points when they have the ball.

Defensively, Clemson hasn't seen one like Bama. I look for Bama's "D" to give Mr. Watson plenty of trouble, which in turn could very well mean another NOT (non offensive touchdown) or two. When hurried, Watson has been known to make passing mistakes. Seventeen interceptions on the year confirms that. Again, defenses win championships and Bama has the better "D". I don't look for a high scoring game like last year. If Clemson scores 40 this year, they'll win. They might have 24 Monday night. I said might.

The Tide rolls,... 27-17  Roll Tide Roll!!

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