Sunday, January 15, 2017

JCPenny Closing Too?!?!?,...

Will the Florence Mall be losing a second anchor store soon? That is a big possibility. According to this article,... JCPenny Closing Stores,... JCP is looking to downsize their stores. A 30% reduction in stores could very well include Florence Alabama. This would not only have an effect on employees but also the city from revenue.

The mall owners are already looking to rent retail space in the Sears store and with two major portions of the mall sitting empty would not fare well for the Hull group that apparently has shown they already don't care about shoppers by removing benches so shoppers have a place to rest. The bench removal is a major reason shoppers are going elsewhere. The mall owners would do well to try to accommodate shoppers. They just spent a ton of money to update the mall,... albeit with out of town labor.

Personally, I hope the mall gets torn down and a giant Hooters gets built there. But thats just me.