Saturday, January 14, 2017

Lets Make Facebook Fun Again,...

Somewhere along the way, Facebook has lost its "fun" side. In crept the political side and it has made for a less than fun experience. I too have been guilty but I'm trying to do better. I really thought that after the election, people would chill a little until the next series of elections. I was wrong. Political debates, updates on what the Hollywood elites think and peoples opinions on everything from socialism to the Obama's moving out have gotten old. Again, I am trying to do better on the social media platform.

I enjoy some games on there and keeping up with friends and family. Of course I use it for work and this blog too and I'm grateful for that. But all the ones that post the political crap has really gotten old. It is all they post about. Momma always said there are two things you don't argue about, religion and politics. She couldn't have been more "right". People are ten feet tall and bullet proof behind a keyboard and their opinion is always correct. These people will soon be finding themselves off of my facebook page as I will either unfollow or unfriend them. I'm just tired of all the crap.

Lets all strive to make facebook fun again. I really like it when people post pictures of their adventures, vacations, family get togethers and  just fun times in their lives. It is almost like being there. Throwback Thursdays are great too.

Thanks for letting me vent a bit,...

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  1. I was tired of it long before the election. Most of what I see as offensive is borderline hate related. Yes wee have to make it better again.