Thursday, February 2, 2017

Gray Is The New Beige,...

Trendy? Yes,... Gray has replaced beige as an "earth tone" go to color. Beige went with most everything as far as the color of furniture, floors and I think it may have even helped invent the word "pop". That's a word most interior designers and people who watch HGTV use to explain color making the trim and other things in the room "show up".

I've been a fan of gray though even before it started becoming popular a few years ago. For  me personally, it is a "feel good" color because it is warm and a little on the masculine side. It makes a great man cave color especially for Bama fans but in the photo above, it really makes the trim "pop""eyeroll".

Grays really do go with most anything and for me,.. I like color in "things" not the wall. They just show up and are noticed better when the attention isn't drawn to the wall. Take the drapes in the photo for example. They stand out,... not because they are hideous (they are getting replaced) but because they have color.

Like I said I've been a fan of gray for a while and it is a color I don't think most people will get tired of for a while,... Here are a few more grays for you that we recently did.

The two rooms below are actually two different colors of gray,... The photo doesn't show it but standing in either room looking into the other one didn't either. Lighting either by fluorescent, incandescent or natural light can change the way the colors look.  

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  1. Thank you sir,... The homeowner did a good job picking them,... even though she was hesitant on her selection at first. After it was done she was very happy.