Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Some Great Ladies That Had And Have An Impact On My Life,...

In my family we were blessed with six, count them six, generations all living at one time. I haven't seen another six generation photo anywhere else. I'm sure they exist but I'm also sure they are rare.

Another thing that makes this photo unique is they are all female. Six generations of females surely has to make the situation even more rare.

But each of these ladies have made an impact on all of us as a family, including me. There is another that also helped in my upbringing, (she told me not to eat paper because it was made from dirty socks), Aunty was a grandchild, daughter, sister, aunt, great and great great aunt to those pictured above. All great ladies.

While the three seated have left us now,.. the three in the back are all here and still inspiring, still setting great examples of how a person should be and still making wonderful memories for generations to come.

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