Wednesday, February 8, 2017

The Way I Pray,....

Like the photo above says,... the power of prayer. Yes, there is power in prayer. I believe that. That is also called faith.

When I pray, for me personally, I feel that whatever you pray about, whatever you ask God to help you with, you have to believe or have faith that God will answer that prayer. Now,... I also believe that God answers all prayers. It might be a no answer or a wait and see answer or even the answer you wanted. But God answers all prayers. There is no such thing as unanswered prayers.

One thing that kind of grates on my nerves is facebook posts asking for prayers and God knows the reason why. While God does know because he is all knowing,... here again, this is just my thoughts, me thinking out loud, I feel like when we pray, we are to be specific. We are to ask God, thank God for whatever it is. If we are praying for someone that is sick, mention their name. If the are praying for a certain circumstance, mention it too. I personally don't like it when people beat around the bush,.. just come out and say it. I feel the same way about prayer. Say it, ask it and be specific. To me, praying that so and so needs prayer and You know the reason why, just doesn't cut it.

On that note,... pray for our country to heal and pray for God to continue to bless us.


  1. Ah, those "unspoken" prayer requests! I usually go ahead and say a prayer for peace for those involved, and guidance and wisdom for the problem. God does know, and it could be that the situation is pretty bad and doesn't need to be aired, but definitely needs prayer.

    Indeed our country needs prayer, and lots of it. I fully believe we are on a better path, but ole slewfoot does not want to let go...

  2. Ol Nick is in the Oval Office. Pray without ceasing.

  3. Ol Nick is in the Oval Office. Pray without ceasing.