Saturday, April 8, 2017

Shoalanda Speaks = White Trash,...

You read the title correctly,.... white trash. "But OB, they provide information we need to know". No they provide local gossip for their avid readers to swallow like baby birds because they are from the same mold. Bette Terry and Carl Overton's blog, Shoalanda Speaks is nothing but a hate filled gossip column that provides absolutely nothing to the locals here in our neck of the woods. Well maybe that isn't totally true. They provide drama, lies and just general made up stories from their "sources" that live in their heads. They are nothing more than a local National Enquirer.  They along with the pen n sword page (same people, Terry and Overton) actually call themselves writers. When in fact they are nothing but pot stirrers. Ever wonder why they hide behind a moniker?  Because if they didn't they'd get their ass beat. 

The last straw for me personally was this past week when the blog posted pictures of a woman, charged with killing her husband. She was nude but blurred so that it didn't show anything. Did Terry and Overton ever stop to think the children might see that? Do they care that the children might see those photos of their mother and read the story about her? The children have suffered enough. The father of the son killed has suffered enough as has the rest of the family and friends of Jason. 

I wish I could say I was disappointed in the Shoalanda Speaks blog, but I've learned that they do not care about what they post about. They only want the "hits" for their page and the more drama they post about, people will click. I recently had a local politician tell me they were ashamed that Shoalanda ever endorsed them. That speaks volumes. 

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