Sunday, April 23, 2017

Thoughts On The Bama A-Day Game,....

For the first time in a few years, Bama has a starting quarterback coming out of the Spring game. Jalen Hurts did nothing but solidify his spot as that starter. Tua Tagovailoa, pronounced, Tongue-OH-Vae-Loa is going to be a solid back up and will push Hurts to improve. Hurts has improved his down field passing and hopefully can keep doing so. Competition is a good thing. Mac Jones impressed me too but still has a lot of room for improvement. Still, Bama's quarterback situation is light years ahead of what was there last year. If Tua had gone to Arizona State, he would beat out Blake Barnett who transfered during the season and quit on his team.

The defensive front seven was a concern of mine too and it seems that while losing NFL talent, they just reloaded. That is a luxury that the secondary doesn't have. The secondary was a disappointment in the fact too many big plays were made. But Spring games are like that. It's for the fans and the fans want to see touchdowns.

The offensive line especially at right tackle seemed to be a weak point. Depth is a concern and that area has to improve. The right side seemed to have trouble with the speed rushers yesterday but most offensive lines will.

Wide receivers are a strong point for Bama once again. Calvin Ridley and Robert Foster will give opposing defenses headaches and look for Jerry Jeudy to get in some playing time. Jeudy a true freshman reminded me of Amari Cooper. That is saying a lot. The kid impressed me.

Kicking woes once again. Punting is fine but those field goals. That was sad to watch and hopefully true freshman Joseph Bulovas, will be able to do some things this fall once he gets here.

Over all it was fun to watch and it looked like a good crowd showed up. I love Spring and Summer and want it to stay that way but Fall brings football. I'm ready. Roll Tide.

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