Sunday, May 28, 2017

To Iron Bowl or Not To Iron Bowl,... That Is The Question,...

Former Auburn coach Pat Dye had these words to say on an ESPN radio show,…

“I’d rather see Auburn in the East than us to play Alabama every year,” Dye said Tuesday for his weekly radio show on ESPN 106.7-FM in Auburn (the show airs on Wednesday).
Yes, Dye said he’d rather Auburn move to the East even if the Tigers couldn't play the Tide annually.
“We don’t need to let Alabama dictate what we do at Auburn,” he said. “We can play them on a rotation, just like everybody else.”


I hardly ever agree with anything Dye has to say since he seems to be one of Auburns biggest hemorrhoids, but his above statement I can agree with. It is time for re-alignment in the SEC and moving Auburn to the East and sending Missouri to the West is just common sense. (I still don’t think Missouri belongs in the SEC, but that might be another subject for later).

 End the Iron Bowl? Yes of course. It hasn’t been the Iron Bowl since the game left Birmingham anyway.  There were 41 years, (1907-1948) that the two teams didn’t play each other and they survived. If the annual Bama/Auburn game was to be canceled they would survive again. I would love to see it end personally and beating them for the SEC Championship would be all the more sweeter. Roll Tide!!

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