Thursday, May 4, 2017

Ups & Downs Continued,...

While the chair ordeal may be over, the fallout surely isn't. Ups & Downs Thrift Store and the charities that supposedly exist within the walls of the business on Veterans Drive have been exposed and will further be exposed in the coming weeks.

We've all seen the list of national charities that take advantage of the giving public,.. Well the Shoals area has a local one it seems. Ups & Downs Thrift Store.

The chair incident brought out many who have had dealings with the owner in some form or another. Ups & Downs actually got the price for the chair they wanted,... and tried to look like the victim on TV.

I have been privy to things I cannot say here that the owner has done. So I know the truth about how this business is operated. This business owes several past employees money, but yet threatens to sue them or have them arrested when the confront the owner about said pay. I hate it for the employees.

There is a facebook page arranging a protest of this business,... Protest Petty Business Click the link for further info,...

I also want to share a story about Ups & Downs from a friend and former employee of the establishment,... Thank you April for allowing me to share this further,...

I worked at this store from late summer 2016 through March 2017. I quit because of what was going on with the charity and the way people were treated and because I was asked to lie about donations and lie to the Alabama Dept of Revenue (in front of my children, too!). I tried to help Melissa, the owner, turn things around - to be a better person and to stop using the charity for her own personal gain to no avail. When I quit, I was told to leave the store or I would be arrested and also told that I would be sued if I said anything about her or her charity. I have remained quiet - not because of her threats - but because I felt like a better time would come where I could tell my story and it would be believable. I did not want to look like another angry ex-employee just trying to seek revenge on my employer. Plus, i have never wanted to be vindictive and hurt her - even though she was extremely abusive to me. But, I do know that she needs to be stopped from taking goods and money from people who have the intention of helping others. Thousands of dollars in money and merchandise have been donated to her that could have gone to other agencies and been put to better use to help those who desperately need it in our area. I was owed $195 in pay when I quit in March and have not been paid yet. Her lawyer has said week after week that I would get the pay "tomorrow" but still have not been paid. She also kept all of my merchandise that I had in the store for sale and has told me that it now belongs to her. She sent so many harassing messages that I had to eventually block her from any way of contacting me. My daughter, 16, had a chair that she had purchased at another store and we had asked to keep it at the thrift store while we were redoing my daughter's room. After I quit, I asked for it back. She told me that it was her chair now. She knew how deeply that would hurt my 16 year old daughter. The girl who worked at the store contacted me and said the next day that Melissa had changed her mind and was willing to return the chair. I felt like it was a trap since she had told me that she would have me arrested if I came to the, I had the girl push the chair off the property to the public street where we could get it. The next day, I got this message from Melissa:
After I told you to stay away from my business you showed up anyway. You have trespassed and now you will be arrested. I told you that coming to my property would be considered a treat to my person. You came to my property after hours without merit my attorneys presence. You broke the law April. How stupid. I have an appointment with the Magistrate for your arrest. What a waste of my time. Maybe one day you will learn to listen and understand that when you are giving instructions that you should follow them. Do not contact my employees again. Do not contact me again. Stay away from my business. And, yes, I will see you in court.
As I suspected, it was a trap, but thankfully the good Lord had helped me and I had not stepped foot on her property. How ironic is it that she tried to keep my daughters chair and that a chair is what ended up exposing her true character to the public?
I may have said too much here and she may try to sue me - but, I can stand before God and the public and prove that it is nothing but the truth. I am going to have to take her to court, anyway, to get my pay and money for my merchandise. Also, there are 5 other ladies whom she cheated out of their final pay that are willing to appear with me on court. One was a homeless girl who worked in the store for 5 days just to have some money for food. Melissa never paid that poor girl and told her she was trash. She has bullied those women into being quiet and never paid them - but, I feel it is my moral obligation to let her know that enough is enough and that not everyone is afraid of her - especially not me. After the way she treated me and my family - when we were just trying to help her - is beyond contempt....but, to me, the way she has taken and taken and lied to people and deeply hurt people who just came in her store asking for help is just almost unforgiveable. I saw so many people belittled and in tears from her condescending remarks - it still makes me cry when I think about it. I gave people money from my own pocket many times and woukd have given more if I had it. I have documents and photos and evidence that prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that she has done. I actually went to one of the local authorities for help to stop her at one time but they would not do anything. I hope that someone at the state level will actually investigate this and look at the evidence. All i ask is that you in this group please continue to cause public outcry so that our elected officials will be forced to take a look at this and take action. If any of you have any questions for me or know anyone in the media or law enforcement, etc, who is looking into her charity, please do not hesistate to contact me or forward my contact info along. Thank you and if any of my customers from the store see this, I miss you guys!!


  1. Karma will reach out and smack her in the face. I think it already has!

  2. I would like to know how bad her business has been affected. This whole incident has really gotten under my skin. She needs to be put out of business or at least be replaced so someone will legitimately run this so called charity.

    1. I've been by the biz several times and it's a ghost town.

  3. I'm with you Barbara,...