Friday, May 5, 2017

Ups & Downs Could Be Down & Out,….

I want to share some things with you,…. I received a couple of emails and one asked to remain anonymous. And they will. The first email is a mothers story about shopping at Ups & Downs with her teenage daughter that was pregnant. Remember, this store owner is supposedly operating a charity. Here is that email. She supplied her daughters cell number which I won’t make public for obvious reasons.

My daughter is 17 year old mom. Still in school raising her son and working. While my daughter was pregnant we had went in to look around (we were cash paying customers) just out spending some time together shopping. The lady came up to my daughter in front of at least 3-5 other people and proceeded to tell her that if she didn't put it up for adoption she would never amount to anything. I really wish that someone cared about the people that she has emotionally slaughtered! Yes my daughter made a poor choice but she is an amazing mom, daughter, all around person. If you want or need to hear her story please feel free to contact her.
Next we have some good sound advice from an email I received in which the sender wants to remain anonymous. Thank you for taking the time to send. This is good to know,…
I have been following the Ups and Downs chair fiasco for the last couple of days. I would like to stay anonymous, but can offer a suggestion to the individuals who formerly worked for this business. There are actions the bank Melissa uses may be able to take in order for her to be investigated on the federal level. Look up suspicious activity under the bank secrecy act. Also, if the individuals who have worked there know she is operating a charity without the proper paperwork, then the IRS should be contacted. This is a federal offense and from my research, I have not found any "foundation" she has listed on her personal profile on any registration with the IRS as a tax exempt charitable organization. I have worked in the private sector for almost 10 years investigating and reporting similar situations. The local level has limited resources and scope investigating fraud cases such as this but both the state and federal government can and will investigate Melissa and her organization's if the proper authorities are made aware.

I applaud your blog post and thank your for your tactful and honest address of this horrible situation. I also think that "April" is a kind and decent human being and hope that she finds an organization to work with that legitimately aids those in need. 
And some screen shots that were posted on facebook that shows the character or lack of the store owner, Melissa Hargett,..

Article 19? Really?

Wow,... Just wow,..

What a classy person,...
And finally,… a petition to help get the business investigated for fraud. Go sign and share,...

Investigate Ups & Downs  


  1. I don't know much about these things, but if she's registered as a nonprofit in AL, doesn't that automatically give her a tax no. to use on her fed. returns? I mean all she has to file the request and show her state nonprofit status?

    1. Prices are at random, I noticed too. Nothing is clean, dusted or in good working order. I have only been 3 times but once there was a lady that found bed bugs in the clothing bins.

  2. I'm sure she has a tax ID number to use. My question is how can she use the charities debit card to go out to eat at places like Stanfields and go to the ABC store,... not sure she can use that tax ID for those purchases.

  3. I bought some jeans from there on the rack it said 2 dollars but sense they were name brand she charged me higher so sense then I will no longer a customer!!

  4. Melissa Hargett, my name is Joan Ellis. Since you choose to pick on people with your horrid words, let me share some facts. You are not running a legal charity. You are scheming to defraud. Look that one up. It is a State Statute in Alabama, and in Florida, and if you have that 250K education you should have learned how to run a 501c3 the correct way, the legal way. You will be so surprised Melissa, there are so many things you and your board of directors are about to learn to the hard way. And if you want to write me any of your love letters my email is