Saturday, May 6, 2017

Ups & Downs,... Final Thoughts,... For Now,...

A chair,... a chair worth probably more in sentimental value but still worth a few dollars. A chair sent to a supposed charity for resale but was found to be donated wrongly and the owner of the business would not give it back. Instead, the owner engaged with others on social media only to come out the loser.

Yes the owner got cash for the chair in the end. But was it worth sacrificing her business for it? Time will tell. If Melissa Hargett had just given the chair back to the rightful owner,... I doubt several former employees would have come forward with the same story. Melissa Hargett still owes them wages. Add in also,.. I was privy to some records that show Melissa Hargett uses the company debit card for personal purchases. (A company by the way that says they are non profit.) Such as local restaurants and liquor stores. She claims to be MENSA but she isn't very smart when dealing with people and situations.  

Bottom line is Melissa Hargett is a liar, a thief, an abuser (verbal) and a fraud. Her store needs to be shut down and investigated. If you feel the same way,... sign this petition please.
Investigate Ups&Downs


  1. All people need to do is report her to the State Click on the file a complaint on the right hand side

    1. Just copy and paste the link folks,...