Sunday, June 25, 2017

A Five Time Champion,... Lisa Carter,...

Five times cancer has knocked on Lisa Carter's door. Five times that door has been shut. It is my hope that the door has been nailed shut.

Five times Lisa fought and never gave up. Five times she battled with a smile on her face and won. She was not without help because she had a great support group from her family and friends. Paul, her husband was there every step of the way, every time. He was her rock and strength through those times when the cancer fought hard. He was her focus as she looked cancer in the eye and said no. Cancer is evil. Cancer has taken its toll on even the survivors. But this time,... cancer lost.

There was a survivor party held in Lisa's honor yesterday. The party was kept hush hush as it was being planned and her sister in law, Jenna along with others planned an amazing celebration of a five time champion. So glad I got to go and if you have ever been in a room and just felt the love, then you know what I'm talking about. Love for Lisa was over flowing.

Here are a few photos I swiped to share an amazing day for an amazing person. Uncle Walter loves ya.

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