Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Tennis Anyone?,..... UPDATED,....

 There still seems to be a lot of misinformation and to be honest, ignorance displayed by the citizens of Florence, resulting in the councils decision to postpone a vote yet again. The council is wanting to get this right and I certainly understand that. The price tag has seemed to jump from the original 9 million to 14 million without an explanation or maybe I just missed it. The bottom line is,... the tennis cost is around 2 million. The rest goes to upgrades in the park and relocating the ball fields. I still believe this is a positive for our area. There is an old saying you have to spend money to make money. This is true with this project. I've seen comments on the negative side that truly amaze me. Contact your councilperson and let them know you are in favor of this and helping to see Florence grow. 

I hope Susan Goode doesn't mind me stealing her post from Facebook. She is an advocate for the project and really knows what she is talking about. She sees what can happen down the road. I still say what will it cost Florence if we DON'T build it.  

This from Susan Goode,...  

"The council needs to hear from the tennis community. They are getting a lot of public feedback from people who think $13-14 million will be spent on tennis. Reality...less than $2 million is being spent on court construction. The rest of the expenditure is for Park revitalization, multi use clubhouse, and 4 tournament quality ballfields. Help spread the word so the public understands the conversation and let the mayor and council know how we have experienced the positive impact in cities we have traveled to for tournaments. The parks who host tournaments have built beautiful multi use areas for their citizens around their tennis facilities with tennis as the anchor."

Well,.... I for one hope the city leaders will think outside the box on the new tennis complex being proposed. There are a few myths it seems floating around about the courts being built and quite a bit of misinformation."

A local newspaper article from the TimesFaily was a bit misleading in the fact that it sounded like the proposed project for the tennis complex was 9 million dollars. That isn't correct. The total project which includes theoretically building new baseball/softball fields for the ones taken by the new courts  at Veterans Park will be around the 9 million dollar range. The courts themselves will be around 3 million. The park and recreation dept says it needs those fields taken by the tennis courts. Hey I understand. I also understand building more fields at the complex on Gunwhaleford  makes more sense in the fact you'll have all of those fields both practice and playing located in one place. That just makes too much sense to me.

I have also read and heard people say "well how much is this going to cost the taxpayers?". This is where people and the city leaders need to think outside that proverbial box and ask, "What is this going to cost the city in revenue if we DON'T  build it?".

Here is a list of the city council who want to hear from you. They want your input. So let them know,...

Kaytrina P. Simmons
District 1

District 1 Telephone
(256) 760-6401

District Map  |  Email
William (Dick) JordanCouncil President/District 2
District 2 Telephone
(256) 760-6402

District Map  |  Email
David P. Bradley, Jr.District 3
District 3 Telephone
(256) 760-6403

District Map  |  Email
Michelle Rupe Eubanks
District 4
District 4 Telephone
(256) 760-6404

District Map  |  Email
Blake Edwards
District 5
District 5 Telephone
(256) 760-6405

District Map  |   Email
Andrew Betterton
District 6
District 6 Telephone
(256) 760-6406

District Map |    Email

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