Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Blank Coffee.Comics.Records,......

 There is a gem of a store located at 1121 N. Wood Av in North Florence across from Peck Ace Hardware. Blank Coffee.Comics.Records has everything for the vinyl enthusiast, comic book collector and coffee drinker. What a great place for the high school or college student to hang out with coffee and free WIFI. It's a laid back place by design I'm sure and has a great feel too it. As I write this I'm listening to a Led Zeppelin album purchased there this morning. Great price too!! The two I purchased hadn't been put on the shelf yet but I got great service and prices. Played and cleaned before I purchased because of that. It was my first time in but it won't be my last.

Here are some comments from their facebook page I kinda stole,....
Be sure to go to their page and click like to get updates and info on happenings,...

"It's a great place with friendly people and great deals. They have an awesome selection of local music."

"I thought it was a great record store. The coffee shop adds to the atmosphere. Great place for college kids to hang out or study. The display of posters added to the decor."

"Great coffee, great records and comics, and great owner. Great place to grab some coffee and wifi and pick up a cool gift for someone or yourself."

"Very relaxed atmosphere... Love hanging out here. The staff is super nice and always helpful."

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