Saturday, July 8, 2017

Cancer,... The Scariest Word,...

After having worked on both buildings of the Northwest Alabama Cancer Centers for the past three weeks,... I was reminded how terrible this disease is. Cancer knows no boundaries. It reaches out and grabs both the young and old,... Cancer cares  not what color your skin is or how tall you are. Your weight or what kind of car you drive makes no difference to one of the scariest words in our English language. As an aside,.. when my mother hollered Brian William,.. that was pretty scary too.

Observing people going in and out of both centers it got me to thinking. More than once I stopped to thank the Lord I haven't had to deal with this disease with my own self. I only hope He didn't take that as me being vain. I think one would be hard pressed to find someone who hasn't been touched by cancer either directly or indirectly. The doctors and nurses who deal with this on a daily basis, along with any other disease, are truly gifts to the patients.

One thing I did notice about the individuals going in for treatment,... almost all of them were smiling. That was probably the one positive I took from saying good morning or saying hello is that they smiled as they said it back. The fact that they were going in for treatment or consultation didn't matter. They still smiled. I just thought that was amazing.

I took the time to look up how many people died nationally in the US each year. 595,690 die as a result of cancer,.... that is larger than the city of Atlanta. Think about that. I don't know if any of those patients knew of those numbers but it wouldn't matter to them. They would still smile.

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