Sunday, July 16, 2017

Florence AL Is Blessed,....

I remember way back when I was in high school talking with my friends about what we were going to do after graduation. One of the first things mentioned was move out of this God forsaken town. There was nothing to do here, nothing to "entertain" us. Nothing to hold our interests to make us want to stay.

Well,... forty years later I'm still here and I probably don't have to be as entertained as I once thought I needed to. Excitement now consists of getting up, drinking coffee and checking the local obits to make sure I'm not in there.

But seriously, Florence is blessed. It is a great place to live and raise a family. The local university, North Alabama is blessed to have a president in Ken Kitts, that has vision for the future good of the school. One can only hope he spends many years here with his family and continues to lead UNA into great things.

The city council has impressed me for probably one of the few times that I can remember. Katrina Simmons, David Bradly and Michelle Eubanks are newcomers to the council but they "get it". They have made themselves available both by email and phone but,... they have also reached out on social media for opinions and thoughts on some issues. I think that speaks volumes of their desire to try to serve the public as best they can.

Florence has so many mom and pop shopping opportunities with great shopping downtown and beyond. Florence has some of the most unique shops and eateries that you will not find anywhere else. Trowbridges, Staggs Gro., and all of our great BBQ places are second to none. We have some of the best bbq in the entire country served locally by Bunyans, Dick Howells and Southern BBQ on Pine St. I would put it up there with any from Memphis or St Louis.

Florence and the Shoals has the best music history of anywhere in the world. Even Motown cannot compare the the rich heritage and vast musical uniqueness that is here in the Shoals. Music venues like FloBama, Singin River Live, On The Rocks and several other restaurants showcase all kinds of talent that often features local musicians.  

Lastly,... with Florence at the 40,000 mark in population,... I cannot leave out the people. People here care about things that happen here and they care about others. There are leaders behind the scenes that make things happen. People that continue to give back to the community and set examples for others to follow. While never getting or asking for recognition for things they do. Florence is blessed to have some of the finest people on earth. And I'm blessed to know some of them.

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