Sunday, July 2, 2017

The Times Faily,....

Most people that know me via forums, facebook and the like know I have a very low tolerance for basic stupidity. I don't deal with it well online, at work or even when I myself make dumb, idiotic mistakes. It isn't the mistakes so much as how they are made. If you mess up unknowingly, that is certainly forgivable. Make an honest mistake and own up to it,... that is admirable. But to continue to screw up and not give a rats behind,... or blame it on someone else. This is what I have problems with.

Our local newspaper, the Times Daily, is for lack of a better term,... a joke. How in the world they continue to receive awards baffles the mind. That fact alone has to speak volumes on journalism in our great state. Daily,... yes every day you can find a misspelled or misused word in our local rag. Sometimes even multiple times in the same article. Names of people are not correct and on occasion I have to reread to see who the writer is talking about. Apparently they have no editors or proof readers or if they do, they are on their phones not paying attention.

And agendas,... Yes our local print has them. Just today,... there is a letter to the editor from a guy named Bobby Boone that just about condemns everything going on in Florence. From the tearing down of Coffee High School, the proposed tennis courts and even to the ag center and things the board of trustees at UNA are doing. Mr Boone you see is from Muscle Shoals and doesn't even live in Florence or Lauderdale County. Mr Boone would be wise to pay attention to what happens in Muscle Shoals. Golf course ring a bell?

I'm not a writer. I don't get paid to do so and don't pretend to be one. The writers at the paper get paid to put their stories in print. One would think they could afford spell check. Oh wait,... it's free.

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