Thursday, September 14, 2017

Chris' Painting,...

Chris' Painting has been doing business in the Shoals area for over 30 years now. We take pride in helping you redo, redecorate your house inside and out. We also have been blessed with many good customers who have become friends and that provides a level of trust we hold dearly.

Trust is one of the main things we strive for. So often when we arrive on the job the homeowner leaves for work. Thus leaving us there. Trust is important. It is also a two way street. Over the course of the 30 plus years, we have been very fortunate.

While providing quality work we also can provide help in choosing the right color for you. Chris does a great job of listening to what you want and also helping you when you aren't sure. She has the ability to look at a paint sample, look at your room or house and see the finished product. I laugh when I say we have painted everything from a commode seat to million dollar houses, but that is a true statement.

I want to thank those we have worked for and with over the years. I also want to thank those that allowed us to give an estimate,.. even when we didn't get the job. Referrals are most important because word of mouth advertising is free. Plus I think it is the best kind.

We try to always use the best paints and products available. With that said we always try to use Sherwin-Williams products but sometimes the homeowner wants to use what they are accustomed to. And that is perfectly fine. We can do that.

I do want to say something about competition. There are very few other painters I would recommend for a couple of reasons. With this, when you are getting a bid of any kind, not just painting, ask the contractor for references, ask if they are insured (this protects you) and ask if the are licensed. A contractor can be licensed and not insured. I say that to say this,.... someone who doesn't have insurance and a license most likely will be the cheaper bid. Because they can afford to do so. It is hard to compete with people who don't do the right things. The old saying, you get what you pay for holds true. Protect yourself and your house and its belongings. Oh,... and never pay up front for work that hasn't been done. That is just asking for problems.

To view our facebook page,.... click HERE Click HERE and go to our website Chris' Painting to view our contact ino, click like on facebook and see photos of our work. Thank you Shoals for 30+ years.

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