Monday, October 23, 2017

Love and Respect,...

First off,... I believe in the Bible, God and when the Bible says in Mark 12:31, Love your neighbor as yourself,... these are some strong words for todays society. Think about that,... with all of the self love we show on social media, with us as a people so obsessed with our selves that we have to have the perfect selfie,  the perfect profile picture for the world to see,... think about what a wonderful world it would be IF we loved those around us (including strangers) as we love ourselves. IF we loved those with different opinions than ours,.... IF we loved people of different skin color, religion. Think about that. What IF there was love,.... then we would have respect. We would respect those that are different than us,... than you and me. Yes, love is felt,... respect is often earned or in many cases not. But respect can be taught. We teach or try to, we teach our children to respect authority. To respect teachers, police and our elders (people older than us). I have people in my own family that haven't taught respect to their children. I'm sure you can name a few too.

Love and respect kind of go hand in hand. But you know what? It is okay to disagree. It really is. You can disagree and still coexist. And this is where respect comes into play. This is what the politicians need to learn,.. both sides. 

There will be some that disagrees with this post,... and thats fine. We can't all agree on everything. If we did it would be a bland world,... But we can respect the other persons opinion.

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