Monday, December 11, 2017

Vote Tomorrow,...

I have a confession to make. I wasn't going to vote in Tuesdays election at all. I just could not bring myself to side with either one. You have accusations on one candidate and flat out lies from the other. Remember, those are just that, accusations. Nothing has been proven. But even with that said, the guy is a religious idiot. I'm all for Christians in public leadership, don't get me wrong. But this guy is all for show. And the liar? He is just a puppet. He is the type of candidate that says things he thinks you want to hear. So this is why I wasn't going to vote. Neither candidate is worth my time. If either one were on fire I wouldn't stop to put them out.

Then I had to stop and think,... voting. It is my privilege, my duty to do so. It is my duty as an American and an Alabamian to exercise this privilege. One that was given to me by those who fought and lived and fought and died so that I can make an informed decision and get out to vote.

With that said, I have changed my mind and will go vote. You need to too. 

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