Friday, January 26, 2018

Enjoying Your Suicide?,....

A smoking gun,... brilliant. Photo credit goes to asukawashere,.... But back to the title. Are you? Are you enjoying that cigarette while you are killing not only yourself but others around you? Hey, I get it. You like them. You do enjoy one after a good meal or when you feel stressed or when you get into your vehicle. You truly enjoy them. I know. I have been there and got the tee shirt. It is stained up from nicotine just like our lungs and it won't wash out. But our lungs can repair themselves.

I hate smoking. I truly do. Not only are you taking your life slowly,... and others,... but you stink. Yep, you do. You may not realize it. I didn't. But you stink. I realized this probably while I was quitting,... a store clerk had come inside from smoking and the stench was bad. That's when it hit me,... I used to smell like that.

Smoking is an addiction. Yeppers,... I was addicted to cigarettes, I enjoyed them and I know I'm sounding like a broken record but in order to quit and be successful you have to get to the place I got to. You have to WANT to. I've heard people say oh I quit 3-4 times while puffing on one. Sorry, nope you didn't. You may have tried, but you didn't quit. You failed. But there is still hope and time. You do have to get to the place in your mind where you want to. It is an addiction AND a habit. 

I was going to list a bunch of statistics,... but I'm not. It would probably be a waste of time and effort,... if you want to see them, GO HERE  If you want to quit, want suggestions, contact me. I'll help you do what ever it takes,... I'll be supportive, walk with you through that journey. And offer up some of the things I did that helped me quit. Going it alone is hard, having support can help. Am I qualified? Heck yeah, I know how I quit.

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  1. I quit September 10, 1986 at 7pm. It was a Tuesday.
    Can't stand them now.