Saturday, February 24, 2018

Local Stores Operating Illegal Machines,...

The store, location and number of machines in parenthesis.

Fuel City, Alabama 101, Elgin (10)
Victory Fuel U.S. 72, Alabama 101, Elgin (7)
Center Star Market, U.S. 72, Killen (4)
Victory No. 2, 3504 Cloverdale Road, Florence (6)
Smile Fuels, 2200 Chisholm Road, Florence (13)
Shan's Victory, 2411 Darby Drive, Florence (11)
Hi Tec, 1451 Helton Drive, Florence (9)
Dollar Depot, 2701 Mall Road, Suite 5, Florence (8)
Chris Mart, 4203 Huntsville Road, Florence (6)
Shan's No. 2, 2207 Huntsville Road, Florence (9)
Smoke Depot, 863 Florence Blvd., Florence (6)
Store N Deli, 121 N. Cedar St., Florence (9)
Game Room, Helton Drive Access Road (8)

All of the stores listed above had illegal gaming machines in their stores. Keyword, illegal. Now, NO arrests were made. Machines were taken and are stored in a local warehouse according to law enforcement. No arrests were made. That bothers me. They must not want to go through the hassle of  contacting ICE to possibly deport some of these people. According to the local TimesFaily Read article here,... there won't be any arrests made. Well Tom Smith the senior writer penned the article so we can probably take it with a grain of salt. At any rate, no arrests on machines that apparently was grossing anywhere from $3000 to $5000 per machine per week, Amazing. So Fuel city in Elgin was making say $3000 per machine (I'll use the smaller amount) times 10 machines,... $30,000 a week to send to their families in India or where ever. That's right. Most of this money isn't spent here. These are NOT American owned stores. THIS is one reason why I try to support stores like Lil Steves when I shop convenience stores.

One of the sad things about the whole ordeal is the machines have been in operation for over 2 years. I understand having to go through the process of gathering info for confiscation, prosecution and arrests,... But according to the article, complaints just happened 45 days ago. That is hard to believe for me. I have passed by these stores and have seen Florence PD in the stores, marked cars outside. They may have been responding to a call or making a purchase but did they not see the machines and become the least bit suspicious?  I don't know,... I truly don't.

Please,... try to shop and buy American at every opportunity so we can keep American dollars not only local but in OUR country.


  1. Another quest I hadn't thought of that a local store owner asked me,... What happened to the money in the machines at the time they were confiscated?,... Things that make you go hmmm.