Friday, March 30, 2018

Lowes Knows?,... Not Really,...

There are a few things that get next to me. Being uninformed is one of those things. Knowing what you are selling is very important. This is just one of the many reasons I try to buy all of my supplies at Sherwin Williams on Florence Blvd. If I happen to not know something, (hush) I can ask them and we'll talk about it and come up with a solution or they know the answer out right. Knowing what to use is just as important as how to use it. That being said,... Lowes in Florence failed.

I have a friend that wanted her cabinets painted and her daughter was going to do that. The daughter went to Lowes, because their slogan a few years ago was "Lowes knows",... Trusting that, the daughter goes and explains what she is doing and that she wanted paint for kitchen cabinets. The above photos are actually what she purchased because the person at Lowes recommended these products. I knew immediately what was going to happen. And it did. Sadly the paint wouldn't adhere to the cabinets. All of that work for naught. Four coats too I think it was.

The salesperson at Lowes SHOULD have known that most kitchen cabinets are either lacquer or oil based, thus requiring an oil paint or you can use a latex bonding primer. But since Lowes doesn't sell that, the person sold them what they had. The polycrylic is a good product but not sure what it was to be used for. Same with the latex Kilz since the paint they sold her was a paint and primer all in one.

Now because of the salespersons lack of knowledge,... the cabinets will have to be redone in the future.

I've blogged on Lowes before about this kind of thing. Experience goes a long way. Lack of experience,... well, there's no room for that in retail.

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