Sunday, May 13, 2018

A Mothers Love,....

Since mom passed away 25 years ago,... Mothers Day has been a little tough. Add to the fact that her birthday was the sixth of May too and it now makes for a sad time. I try not to dwell on it too much but even after 25 years,... the void is still there.

Mom displayed her love for us growing up every day. From getting up early to go to work to letting me pick out my own switch,... she always put us first. Mom sacrificed things I'm sure she would have liked to have, so that we might have things we thought we needed. I think at one time she brought home around $88 dollars a week. Yet, she made it stretch to the next week. We always had the things we asked for at Christmas time and I can't ever remember doing without. We had food on the table, clothes and good shoes. She was on her feet all day at work and she believed in a good pair of shoes.

Looking back though, I realize just a little how much she really did sacrifice. Not just material things but life things too. She was one of a kind for sure. Even up until her death. She had cancer and never told any of us to my knowledge. Trying to protect us even till the end. She did however tell Mrs Erwin, her hair dresser. That's how we found out. Mrs Erwin told one of my sisters that Mom had told her. The things we do for love,... On a side note,... after I found out about it,... I went to the cemetery  and fussed at her for not telling us. She wasn't there to hear me but I felt better for a few,... But thats what she did,... all of our lives,... she protected us. Miss you Mom,... so much.

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