Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Kudos To The Senior Class at MSHS,…


In this day and time when grown ups,… people of my generation and older,… and younger too,… are critical of the young men and women in school,… particularly high school age,… Sometimes something happens to put your faith back into our youth.  What I saw this morning was something that made me wish we had done something like that some 40 years ago. Kudos to the Senior class at Muscle Shoals for spending their last day of summer vacation early this morning in prayer. Yes, you saw that right,… prayer. These young men and women get it. They are leading the way for future classes and are setting an example for other schools as well as us as adults. Sometimes you lead better by doing than by words,… these kids are leading by example.

“Spent a little time watching the sun come up, praying, and fellowshipping with nearly 100 students from the MSHS senior class this morning. Talk about commitment! This group was here at 5:15 am spending the last day of summer break together watching the sunrise. Thanks to Casey Jones with First Priority and Matt with FCA for providing donuts and water for these young people. This year, it’s all about #TakingChances! Let’s roll!” Chad Holden, principal at Muscle Shoals.

Some local bloggers seem to always choose to talk about the negative. I myself do that on occasion but this just needs as much exposure as can be had,…. Sometimes you just have to look at the positive. Thank you Seniors for inspiring me today.





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