Saturday, August 25, 2018

Voting For Progress,… Muscle Shoals Style,… Number Three,…

Some facts clearing up the misinformation floating around.
Actual Tax Cost - The 5 mills tax referendum is NOT a 67% Increase in Home Taxes as some have mentioned. It is actually a 67% increase on mills, not on taxes paid. The simple math is the taxpayer cost will be $50 a year for every $100,000 of assessed value of your home. For example a home that is appraised at $200,000 will have a tax increase of $100 a year or $8.33 a month. We want every citizen to have factual information to make an informed decision.

I’m sharing a post from social media with permission. Thank you Mrs. Ruggles.
Written by Lisa Reid Ruggles
Please take a minute to listen to our Superintendent correct misinformation that is being promoted. I am saddened by the personal attacks against our school leaders fueled by those who do not agree with this referendum. Why do we have to be so divisive and create animosity at a personal level? This is a vote about the future of our school system. One that I graduated from when it wasn't the strong system that is now. One that wasn't the largest asset of our city; one that wasn't the main reason families move to MSC. I moved back to Muscle Shoals 27 years ago just so my future children could attend a strong school system. Yes, we have a beautiful stadium and practice facility. Yes, we have a strong football program (I remember when the football stands were practically empty on a Friday night.) We have a strong basketball program, we have a strong volleyball program, we have a strong tennis program.......... we have strong academics, we have an award-winning band, please help me fill in the rest of the blanks___________________________.
Many of the comments that have been made by those who oppose this vote have been appalling and wrong. The accusations of personal gain by our School leaders if this vote passes is wrong. Stop the attacks and just go vote on Tuesday. Those who oppose this millage increase want a large turn out on Tuesday to send a message, well yes let there be a large turn out on Tuesday and yes let's send a message that we support our school system.

And lastly,… make an informed decision. Rather than listening to the misinformation from the “No” voters,… get informed. You can also find out more from the school system and Dr. Brian Lindsey on the facebook page,…  Muscle Shoals School System Click that highlighted link and get informed on the truth. Make an educated decision and don’t listen to the blatant mistruths and misinformation. Then vote your conscience.

When I use peoples opinions and views, I will ask for permission to use it. Unless they send it to me. Even then, I like to use real peoples thoughts. Not a figment of my imagination.

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