Sunday, September 2, 2018

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly,... Louisville vs Alabama

Well the wait to see who would start at QB is now over. By the play of the quarterbacks it is obvious that Coach made the right decision. We knew he would no doubt but I really thought Jalen would get the nod first with Tua coming in later. I did think Tua was the better QB simply because he checks off his receivers better,... he goes through the progressions better. Tua won the team.

The Good,...  Tua's play,... for the most part it was as good as expected. Very impressed with his skills and judgment on the fly. Deionte Thompson is a beast in the secondary. The secondary as a whole played well against a pretty good passer and receiving crew. Defensive line play against the run was good. Louisville had something like 5 yards rushing after you deduct yards for a loss. The wide receivers for Bama really showed out. The play calling from the sidelines on both sides of the ball were good. Theres just numerous other things that I'm forgetting,... A good solid first game. But,....

The Bad,... Offensive line play was sporadic. It didn't matter if it were a run or pass play, the line failed several times against a defensive line they should have dominated. I'm still not sold on the kicking game. I knew punting was going to drop off since we lost JK Scott but I was hoping the field goals/extra point attempts would be better. Missing an extra point attempt is bad,... Penalties,... those must be eliminated and I know it was the first game of the season but some of those were mental mistakes. Those will improve I'm sure.

The ugly,... Coach Saban's face as he almost explodes on the sideline and after the game. You can read his face and see the wrath coming. The head official,... He looked a lot like he could be related to Coach Petrino,..  And that isn't a pretty sight.

Roll Tide!!

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