Saturday, September 15, 2018

Why Is Florence City Schools Checking Your Drivers License?,….


Well,…  t seems that if you have a child in the Florence city school system you will get your drivers license scanned and a background check will occur. I realize times have certainly changed but to do background checks seems a bit intrusive to me. I got this from one parent this week after checking her child out of school,….

I went to check my child out today and they scanned my license. I said I don’t have in warrants in front of everyone and the main secretary goes, “I know but we still have to check”.  And FPD was in the office at the same time. They must have a pager system or something when a parent comes to pick up their child.

So let me understand this,… You go to the office to pick up your child,… a scan is done of your license. What happens if the scan results in outstanding traffic tickets? Is the parent arrested? And while all of this is happening the child that is due at the doctors office (the reason for checking them out) either is late or misses the appointment altogether.

I do realize times have changed as stated above but this isn’t just in the child's best interest. The jail is overflowing as it is,… in my humble opinion this is going way too far.
The photo below is from Florence City Schools,….


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