Sunday, December 2, 2018

Go'On Jalen,...

If you could look up Jalen Hurts in the dictionary, I would think you could find several words to describe him. Collegiate football player for the University of Alabama,... student-athlete,... quarterback,... all of those would fit and be accurate.

More fitting words though can certainly apply. Christian, honorable, classy, leader all certainly apply to this kid. In our Me-Me-Me culture of today, Jalen shined like a beacon in the night. He could have transfered,... he could have been a cancer to the team,... he could have quit. Instead Jalen Hurts did the honorable thing, he stuck it out. You can credit his parents with most of that I guess but ultimately it all fell on Jalen to do the right thing. Thank you sir.

Jalen Hurts is a leader, a man amoung men. He has the things no one can ever take away from him. Honor, dignity, leadership skills. Jalen lead by example. Thank you sir.

If he does decide to transfer,... it will sting. But Jalen has to do whatever is best for Jalen. I will always be a Jalen Hurts fan,... even if he goes to that "other" school. Go'on Jalen,... Roll Tide!!

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