Thursday, November 28, 2019

Thanksgiving On MinneHaHa,…

Sitting here thinking of past Thanksgivings and I’m reminded of a little four room house where our family gathered for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Think about that,… a four room house with a small kitchen and packing best to my figures anywhere from thirty five to forty five people including us kids. And with one bathroom!!  All of those holiday dinners went off without a flaw, best that I can remember. Of course back then I was more concerned with playing Army and football with cousins but I don’t remember any problems. The kids ate first while the grown ups and older kids socialized. Then once we were out of the way, everyone else ate. I think we had six TV trays and a card table to eat on and the rest held their plates while eating. The kitchen table, stove and counter space held the buffet.  We had six generations of females at one time but not sure if we ever had them all under one roof to eat.

Speaking of the kids,… I guess we ranged from 5 or 6 to 17 and 18. While we did like to play some football, we also liked to roam. By roam I mean we’d go walking. No place in particular but most of the time we’d end up near Sweetwater Creek and the walking bridge that went to the mill. It was a great place to hang out, hang on and walk the railings.  It was a great place in the Summer too,…

The food was just simply the best. Turkey with all of the trimmings, ambrosia, ham, potatoes, green beans and of course the traditional red stuff in a can. Then the deserts,… my grandmother made the best coconut cake. I’m not sure when we had the last get together. Things changed as the older cousins got married and had to divide time with their new families. Some moved out of town and work dictated their holiday time. But I don’t remember the last one we had. We did go to different places from time to time. I guess that depended on who wanted to host. But we just don’t do those things much anymore. Everyone has other family obligations now. So we wait until the next funeral to have those family get togethers. Kinda sad.

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